Cerebral function monitor
Neurological monitoring of critically ill infants

CFM monitoring (also known as aEEG or CFAM) is used in diagnosis of brain injury. Amplitude integrated electroencephalography (aEEG) provides a trend over time of the electrocortical background activity of the brain.


  • Headbox and amplifier combined in one unit
  • Quick and easy navigation through the functions using colour touch screen user interface
  • Battery powered amplifier
  • Wireless connectivity via Bluethooth or hardwired connection via USB
  • LED guides for the electrode connectivity for single or dual channel use

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Further analysis

Onscreen Compressed and Density Spectral Array (CSA/DSA) to measure frequency.

Display SpO2 and Heart Rate Measurement alongside aEEG.

Real time support using AnyDesk virtual support system.

Optional Video can be synchronised to record physical movement as well as electrical activity in the brain.



The UNIQUE+ CFM can be set-up quickly for Single Channel aEEG or Dual Channel aEEG. This offers the user both Unipolar and Bipolar applications depending on the patient´s condition and the expertise of the user. Up to 5 electrodes can be applied at any time to increase the information displayed.
The start up screen can show a variety of information based on the user´s preference. These preferences are available in the set-up screen or by altering the viewing screen.