• High speed high quality bipolar amplifier up to 24 channels
  • Built-in switching option for combination of input channels to common reference
  • Benefit from the USB 2 interface which eliminates analog noise interference
  • Desktop and portable version
  • Windows operating system with MS Access database and free programmable report generator
  • Superior flexibility in configuration of the system
  • Easy to use, easy to upgrade
  • For later analysis purposes all raw data can be stored on the hard disc
  • Full range of software packages for clinical EMG/EP, NCS and ERP examinations
  • Multiple types of stimuli for ERP recordings are controlled simultaneously
  • Displays up to 99 waveforms in cascade or split form on one screen
  • Roll and Zoom function for each trace as well as user definable trace labeling
  • Countdown timer for Decrement test

Software applications


  • Motor Nerve Conduction
  • Sensory Nerve Conduction
  • F-Wave
  • H-Reflex
  • Decrement Test
  • Blink Reflex
  • Inching
  • Sympathetic Skin Response
  • Collition Test
  • Mune


  • Spontaneous EMG
  • Quantitative EMG
  • AMUP Analysis
  • Interference Pattern Analysis
  • Single Fiber EMG
  • Multi channel EMG in GPP program
  • Macro EMG


  • Auditory Evoked Potential
  • Somatosensory Evoked Potential
  • Visual Evoked Potential
  • P300/CNV
  • Electro Oculography
  • Electro Nystagmography
  • Electroretinography

Additional software applications:

  • Heart Rate Variability
  • IOM
  • Normativ Reference Values
  • MPP program
  • MS Word® Report Generator


Surpass II is a pioneering innovation in Quantitative Electromyography, Nerve conduction studies and Evoked potential diagnostics. Designed based on our 30 years experience in Neurophysiology, it guarants the liability, performance, quality and affordability. Surpass II integrates the new hardware technology with the revolutionary modalities and sets new standard in Electrophysiology. The new QSA averaging technique reduces your recording time up to 60%. The specially designed fully free programmable Multimodality Stimulator can be used to combine different stimuli for AEP, SEP, VEP and ERP applications. Surpass II Digital Amplifier enables high quality high speed recordings and can be upgraded up to 24 channels easily. Its USB 2 interface eliminates analog noise interference and guarants reliable results. The integrated 8-bit trigger in- and outputs provide the basis for complex stimulation. Both, the desktop and the portable version are based on MS Windows operating system with the MS Access Patient database and flexible report function. The color-coded control panel brings more efficiency in your daily routine.