The quality and performance of the world´s best Electrophysiology Amplifier is available in 16 or 32 channel EEG versions with 2 channel integrated CFM.

Designed to Simplify Bedside cEEG with integrated Cerebral Function Monitoring


  • Roll stand or portable version
  • 16/32 channel EEG Amplifier
  • 2 channel integrated CFM
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Built in SaO2 Interface
  • Synchronous HD video monitoring
  • WiFi/LAN Interface
  • Internal LiIon Battery
  • 32 GByte Memory Card
  • Up to 4 kHz sampling frequency (per channel)

Flexible, efficient, easy to use, quick bedside setup

Sienna Ultimate system monitors and records seizures and supports the measurement of the effectiveness of hypothermic treatment.

The EMS proven technology superior signal quality amplifiers assist in Amplitude integrated EEG monitoring and provides clinicians with information for accurate and quick intervention in patient´s care.
The EMS Sienna Ultimate aEEG Monitoring unit with amplitude integrated EEG monitors brain activity and other physiological parameters. The system provides ICU staff with vital information at bedside to assist with fast diagnosis.