• User definable onscreen control key layout for fast access to parameter settings and analysis features.
  • Workflow Manager improves productivity by integrating routine tasks.
  • Acquisition and Review screens can be configured independently.
  • Simultaneous split-screen record and review.
  • Mark and archive selected events to a file.
  • Review quickly from annotation list, or by event or time marked data.
  • Remote monitoring, reviewing and archiving over LAN.
  • Comprehensive report generation.
  • Optional, automatic spike and seizure detection.
  • Quantitative EEG, spectral analysis, mapping and evoked potentials option.
  • Complete polysomnography capabilities.

SIENNA is a comprehensive, NEW DESIGN,

modern and easy to use 40, 80, 120, 160 channel digital EEG developed for routine clinical studies. The system provides advanced acquisition, review analysis and remote monitoring capabilities offering a complete solution to digital EEG applications. Sienna employs a common operating platform simplifying operation, increasing productivity and enhacing quality control. The Sienna modular design philosophy ensures flexibility and upgrade opportunities with a complete set of software and hardware options.

Software applications:

• Record and Review software
• Full HD Digital Video
• FFT Spectrum Analysis
• Compressed Spectral Array
• Compressed Density Array
• Amplitude Mapping
• ERP software
• Sound Playback
• Advanced Analysis programs
• BESA compliance