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SIENNA Ultimate - The hybrid LTM and EEG Amplifier from EMS

Sienna-Ultimate-handThe SIENNA Ultimate  is an EEG product from EMS, developed using the latest technology. The Sienna Ultimate amplifier has 32/64 unipolar or bipolar channels, integrated Lithium-Ion battery, up to 32 GByte Memory card and SaO2 interface. The amplifier is available in wireless or wired version. 

The amplifier has a wireless capability and a battery pack for mobile data acquisition. 

Sienna-Ultimate-headboxEEG real-time display is available at the nurse station. 

The SIENNA Ultimate  EEG Amplifier can be configured with headboxes for LTM, Sleep, 10/20 and numerical easily, simply by replacing the headboxes.
The 190 gram lightweight amplifier has a patient alarm button as well as a body position sensor. 


The SIENNA Ultimate  amplifier provides storage and subsequent transmission of data, that is not transferred live, when the amplifier is out of range situations. 

SiennaUltimateWithTrolley kleinSienna Ultimate software applications:


• EEG record and review
• Compressed spectral array
• Compressed density array
• Brain Mapping
• Digital Full HD Video
• Cerebral function monitoring
• ICU/NICU Neuro monitoring
• Real-time spike detection
• Real-time seizure detection
• Source localization
• Sound playback
• Polysomnography (manual)
• Sleep (Auto PSG) Software Package
• PSG Trend Analysis
• BESA Compatibility